Horses are a symbol of stability and freedom.

They teach me self-confidence, sense of responsibility, to take decisions quickly, and more than that, to live the moment and always see the good sides of everything.


Horses and animals in general are just like humans, but in a better version of them.

You can trust them more than anybody, and they would never do something mean to you on purpose, if you’re nice to them.


They teach you to put bad emotions on the side because if you want to work with them and you’re not in the good mood, they’re going to feel it and or they’re going take advantage of the fact that you’re not focused, or they’re going to try to comfort you and so they’re not going to be focused on the work.

They push you to challenge yourself on things you don’t dare to do and to question yourself, because if you ask them to do something and they don’t do it, you have to be sure that you asked them the right way first and only when you’re sure that you asked properly, you can think that he didn’t understand or that he didn’t want to do it. When you teach something new for them, it’s always a little self-victory, even more with foals. You always have to be proud of them when you accomplish something, and accept that it was good even if not perfect, so when he finally knows the trick, you’re proud of you both, as a team, because working with horses is a collaboration, you can’t constrain them to do something, you always have to explain him what you expect, and work together on that, being strict but gentle at the same time teaching them things as a game, because they don’t like to think that they have no control on what is going on, but you have to remain the boss in the team.

Because they’re seeing things you’re so used to that you don’t see them anymore, they make me see beautiful things in something not expected to be beautiful.


It’s all a question of silent conversations, because you can understand them just by looking at them and you don’t even need to talk for them to understand you.


So that project a self-portrait, because I am who I am thanks to them, and I wouldn’t be here today without them.


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