Bérénice Coulier and her dog

About me

France based equine photographer

Being no only an equine photographer, but also a dressage rider and an equine nutritionist allows me to perceive horses in there entirety.

As a horse lover it is important for me to bring my four leg friends in my home, this is why I offer you to bring your horses inside your homes with beautiful prints to display on your walls.

A few facts about me



Animal lover

I won a photography award in my home town when I was 8

Food is all my life, that's why I am learning equine nutrition

I have 18 animals at home (and a human too)

interior design



I have a master in photography, but also a degree in graphic design and one in veterinary nursing

I love home decor DIYs and I am planning on redoing the whole house

I am a horse show and dressage rider, and ended up in the Loire valley, where everyone only thinks about jumping




I bake my own bread (because I hate to go to the groceries)

I am always up for new things and projects

I love to break in young horses, but allowing them to express themselves

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